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7th Chronic Hypoxia Symposium

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  7th Chronic Hypoxia Symposium

                                       Feb 23 – Mar 2, 2019

Hello from our beautiful La Paz, Bolivia 4100 to 3100m, one of the 7 marvel cities of the world. 
And it continues to grow:
Always remembering our Mountain Guru Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo (Sr.).
The Mountain Guru. Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo

The Mountain Guru. Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo

and thanking him for his extraordinary academic legacy !!
His genes are now in a third generation, Natalia Zubieta De-Urioste who is now our brand new M.D. 
and a transcendental member of our team at the High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology Institute. 
Gustavo Sr. must indeed be proud !
The concept about hypoxia is always negative. The problem is that it is a biased opinion. There is a constant search for the deleterious effects of hypoxia. However, several adaptation mechanisms are misinterpreted as being a negative response, when they are actually an extraordinary positive effect.

We have to remark once more: Humans live longer at high altitude !!!

Please read our latest publication:
This paper is the most popular paper on the BLDE Journal in that issue:
Furthermore, It has had such a high impact, that we have even been invited to write a book on the subject. 
We are changing the concept of Chronic Hypoxia, around the globe. Understand why we are invited to give talks in many outstanding places:

We have just heard of a lady that is 117 years old that was born in Potosi at 3850mm and now lives in Cochabamba 2500m.
117 year old lady living in Cochabamba, Bolivia 2500m of altitude.

117 year old lady currently  living in Cochabamba, Bolivia 2500m of altitude.

She was born on Oct 28, 1900 in San Pedro de Buena Vista Potosi, Bolivia at 3850m of altitude. According to the US Gerontology Research group – that documents the oldest people on the planet-  the bolivian Julia Flores would be the oldest woman alive since she is 6 months older than the  japonesa Chiyo Miyako, born on May 2  1901. Please read the article on Newspaper Pagina 7 here.

At the opening session in the ABCICON

 Come join us to discuss these and other Chronic Hypoxia interesting aspects.
After 6 successful Chronic Hypoxia Symposiums (5 held in Bolivia and 1 in India) we invite you to join us and participate in the forthcoming, exciting:
      7th Chronic Hypoxia Symposium 
                                 February 23- March 2, 2019

Dedicated to the late extraordinary Danish Physiologist Poul-Erik Paulev

Poul-Erik Paulev, Ole Siggard-Andersen and Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja  at the University of Copenhagen 2005

Mark your calendar!  

This year we will also attend the Carnaval in Oruro 3800m. We want to show you how people dance with great energy over several kilometers and some carrying heavy 20 kilogram outfits. No one worries about hypoxia. As affirmed in our publications: The best way to defeat hypoxia is a timely exposure to chronic hypoxia 

Other news
Conferences in USA, 2018
This time we were in the wonderful USA, to give talks about our scientific experience in chronic hypoxia. It was a splendid and unique experience.
We started with a talk at the National Institutes of Health in Washington. Another in Pennsylvania for the local Geriatrics Society. The next at the Center for Space and Planetary and Sciences in the University of Arkansas.
The last talk was at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Read about it here:
Space flight under Chronic Hypoxia. One more step in Human BioSpaceFormin.
Get a sneak pre-print preview of this paper at ResearchGate.
Our new building located in Av. Copacabana Prolongacion #55 is now the center hub connecting the north and south networks with two Telepheric stations (a few steps away). You will now be able to go anywhere in La Paz in this “aerial metro”, enjoying incredible sightings at high altitude.

The yellow telepheric going down from El Alto where the airport is located.