Chronic Hypoxia Symposium III now live on the Internet

Hello dear friends and colleagues around the world:

You can now participate in our Symposium on the web, from your office or home with a Powerpoint presentation.

We are once more going to write history! And this time thanks to Larry Silver, President of the International Society of Chronic Hypoxia.

Why history? Because it is the first time a conference dealing with hypoxia will be held from high altitude sites through the internet. That is, from a chronic hypoxia environment where the PIO2 is 2/3 that of sea level in the city of La Paz, to all the scientists of the planet,through Webex, a CISCO Networking software, to environments where the oxygen tension is higher. This is of utmost importance as will be appreciated during the conferences.

Furthermore, you can easily imagine, the outstanding world exposure this will generate, a true leading edge future scientific trend!

We are working details with Larry and will get back to you with the rules of the game.

However, in the mean time, please prepare your abstracts in order to participate from your lab or your home anywhere on earth.

Send them to us as soon as possible as they will be available online at the symposium website.  So do not loose your seat and this unique opportunity to become famous!
The Abstract Deadline has been moved to accommodate this new technology to Monday Sept 8th !! So you have an extra week.

The III Symposium on the Effect of Chronic Hypoxia
on Diseases at High Altitude

October 16-23, 2010
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Remember, we are a different kind of symposium. We are open to any presentation. We don’t reject anyone. Everyone has an opportunity to express their ideas. Many great ideas are buried due to peer reviewers and groups that only publish their teams and reject others in spite of their great talent and production. But talent and creation are like an unsinkable buoy. They always surface even if you try to keep them underwater.
Dr. Jitendra Mehrishi from Cambridge University has joined us as scientific advisor and is boosting further the symposium. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Haldane-Barcroft.

We will be honored with the attendance of Dr. Giridhar J. Gyani, Secretary General of the Quality Council of India. His visit and activities are being coordinated by Dr. Thuppil Venkatesh, from St.John’s Medical College in Bangalore, India.

It will once more be an itinerant symposium, where talks are given in different altitude sites. You will learn of “life at high altitude” in different environments.

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