Welcome to the Chacaltaya Glass Chamber Pyramid
(altitude = 5300 m.)

In association between the High Altitude Pathology Institute and the Club Andino Boliviano, we have built a green reflective glass and a red iron structure pyramid in Chacaltaya at 5200 m.. The proportions (4.09 m. x 4.09 m. base and 2.60 m. height) correspond to that of the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. One side faces North. The floor is flat Laja stone of the Chacaltaya mountain rocks. A double door air-lock entrance, opens through the floor of the pyramid.

Construction was begun in January 2000, with the idea of having a chamber, with several uses. On one hand it would have a similar use of the HHAC glass chamber we have in our laboratory in La Paz. It would be useful for treatment of acute mountain sickness in the ski resort of Chacaltaya, a tourist place. On the other hand, it would be useful for research purposes of the hypoxic conditions at that altitude. The chamber can be supplied with different concentrations of oxygen (hyperoxic or hypoxic), according to the necessities or applications.

The pyramid shape was chosen, so that the volume of oxygen enrichment would be reduced to 1/2   ( 21.74 cubic meters). It is also ideal to avoid snow trapping.  It  has enough room for research equipment or to have 6 people comfortably seated at the same time in a temperature and oxygen controlled environment. From inside, the view is breath-taking, but where oxygen is not scarce.  This pyramid is above the clouds !

From the south and west sides of the pyramid, sight seen extends to the surrounding area of the Altiplano, the High Plateau at 4100 m, where the city of El Alto is located, 1000 m lower!. You can also distinguish the Sajama mountain (6520 m) far away, on a clear day. From the North side, the Huayna Potosi (6,094 m) can be seen and from the East, the Chacaltaya ski resort.
According to some publications 1, and other sources of information, the pyramidal shape has magical powers. During its construction, the builders commented that they felt "different", much more at ease at high altitude, comfortable and happy. This pyramid located at this altitude and with medical knowledge has healing properties.

We have observed that the stones of the Chacaltaya rocks, have magnetic properties, in such a way that the magnetic needle of a compass is altered, changing the direction of the North. Inquiring about this physical phenomenon, we learned that the people working in this area, in mines and also construction stones (used in many floors and walls in buildings in the city La Paz, as decorative stones), know that there are two kinds of stones. They identify them as  male and female, in relation to their magnetic properties. The indians also believe that Chacaltaya cures male impotence. Sexual copulation in the Chacaltaya resort is a common event.

Furthermore at this altitude, when there is stormy weather, there is a change in the magnetic field of the atmosphere, that can even make your hair stand-up.

For more information about interesting current research on the magical properties of the shape of the pyramid, please visit the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA RESEARCH ASSOCIATION

(More information will follow).
                   Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo and his collaborator Dr. Gustavo R. Zubieta-Calleja (Jr.)
              In the background, Martiniano Vicente (construction worker).
Following are other photographs of the construction:
From the South side.                                  From the North side                        The Chacaltaya refuge in the back.

Gustavo R. Zubieta-Calleja (Jr)
The plastic helmets are used at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology in Kiev, Ukraine,  for hypoxicator (low oxygen concentration) treatments of many pulmonary diseases. In the Chacaltaya pyramid they are useful for immediate hyperoxic (high oxygen concentration) treatment in the hypoxic (low oxygen tension) environment of altitude.

from left to right:
Carlos Castañon Barrientos, Director de la Academia Boliviana de la Lengua
Victor Garcia De La Concha, Director de la Academia de la Lengua Real Española
Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo, Director del Instituto de Patología en la Altura (IPPA)

The access road, coming from the Altiplano, is shown on the left.
April 2000. 


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