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La Paz, Bolivia (3510 m)
Some comments from patients and visitors.

    On Oct 1998, Miss. Susan Handscomb a very kind and distinguished retired teacher from England came in a tour to La Paz, Bolivia. Upon arrival, she became severely ill and had to be hospitalized. Diverse medical tests were performed and she was treated during 10 days. She returned to England and has kept in touch regularly throughout a decade with the physicians at IPPA by sending Christmas cards, and saying hello.

    Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja upon returning from Denmark on Jan 2008, after a 4 year stay where he was a visiting Professor performing research with Prof. Poul Erik Paulev at the University of Copenhagen, met Mrs. Handscomb who so kindly invited him and his family to a delightful lunch at the National Art Gallery on Trafalgar Square. The physicians and all the people at IPPA have the fondest of memories of her visit. She is doing very well and has a lovely house. Here is her e-mail and a photo:

    Dear Gustavo, Lucrecia, Natalia & Rafaela,
    It was so lovely to see you all, I shall be most interested to hear what else you managed to get to see in London.  You were very fortunate with the nice weather.  I know you are on your way via Miami now, but thought I must send these photos while I think about it.  A lovely memento of a very happy gathering.
    I also thought you might like to see where I live and the very little car I have, so will send that too.
    Very best wishes to you all,

    National Gallery in London

    Jan 2008


    Dear IAMAT:
        My husband Jay spent the month of March, 2005, in La Paz, Bolivia, at 12,000 feet. A year later, I accompanied him back to La Paz for the month of March, 2006.
        We wish to give an enthusiastic recommendation for the medical care we received at the Clinica IPPA in La Paz, under the care of Dr. Luis A. Zubieta and his outstanding family of caregivers at the Clinica.
        We found Clinica IPPA through our IAMAT booklet.
        In 2005, my husband had some rather severe altitude sickness which required hospitalization at the Clinica for about four days. As the altitude sickness was almost ended, he got a severe case of hystolitic amoebas. Both conditions can be life-threatening. Up-to-date medical equipment, sophisticated diagnosis and treatment, and superb, personal nursing care soon brought both conditions under control. And, the cost was reasonable.
        In 2006, both of us required several outpatient visits: my husband for coughing and asthmatic bronchitis, and myself for an ear infection (which the Clinica treated) and an opthalmologic condition (for which Dr. Zubieta arranged a same-day referral consultation with a Johns Hopkins trained Opthamologist.) Our full courses of treatment required two outpatient visits and several telephone consultations, all of which occurred on the same day we requested help.
        We cannot speak highly enough of the excellent medical care we both received from these modern, sophisticated, humane healthcare providers at Clinica IPPA and Dr Luis Zubieta.
        Jay and Sandra King
     J.K. (US, Aug 2006)

    Dear Dr. Zubieta & Assistant:
        Hi from New Zealand!. do you remember me?. My name is Sally  and I came to your clinic on 30th August, very sick with bronchitis.
        I just wanted to write and thank you for your help in getting me better. You and the Lady (can't remember her name) at reception were very kind to me and treated me so well. Your kindness was appreciated especially with me being in a country I didn't know. I had a wonderful time in La Paz and have fond memories.
     S.H. (New Zealand, Oct 1998)

    Dear Doctor:

    As you will remember, on the 10th of November I was hospitalized in your Clinic with a serious hypoxia disorder, motivated by problems of high altitude. Thanks to your care, and to the efficient medical treatment received, it evolved favorably and fast.
    In Santiago, Chile, I felt better, although the dizziness was intense and persistent. Therefor and following your advice, I returned to Tel Aviv, where I was once again at sea level. The exams you suggested were rapidly made, cardiovascular tests and cerebral CT, which were all absolutely normal. The same with all neurological tests.  The physicians here, agree that it was due to a strong hypoxic trauma suffered in La Paz.
        I want to thank, once again the professional level of the medical treatment I received, joined to a personal relation.
        With my respect for your father, Professor Gustavo Zubieta Castillo, I send my best regards.

    G. F. (Tel Aviv, Dic 1995)

    Dear Dr. Zubieta:
        I address myself to you in order to express my deepest gratitude and acknowledgment for the excellent treatment received in your Clinic, personally from you and from the distinguished physicians and medical personnel that work with you.
        I honestly, want to stress that I was in a very delicate state of health along with body and mind deficiencies. Nevertheless, and thanks to the dedicated treatment received, I now find myself completely recovered.
        I sincerely hope that the patients that come to your Clinic, be favored with your medical attention.
        Please receive my most devoted thanks.
    W. P. (Bolivia, march 1997)

    Dear Rosayda:
        I have been thinking about you and your family, and of how kind you all were to me when I stayed in your Clinic.
        Your Mom is such a dear lady! she always seemed so happy and so caring and I enjoyed all the delicious food she served to me!
        Please say "Hello" and "Thank you" to your family for me.
        I would like to think that I could come back to La Paz one day to visit but  maybe I had better stay closer to sea level!.
    Judy, (Canada, April 1993) 
    Dear Zubietas:
        I would like to thank you for a wonderful week at your Clinic and hope that your Clinic and research may go well in the future.
    Eva Hoffman (Oxford University, Dec 1998)
Copyright  Jan/24/96 IPPA - La Paz, Bolivia


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