Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo

dedicated to: James Muldrey, Professor of biochemistry, Tulane Medical School, USA.

Walter Unglaub, Dean, Tulane Medical School, USA

Rafael Rubio, Professor, Instituto de Cardiologia de Mexico

and many that remain in my memory


Life grants one favors

of different nature and magnitude

that can change the course of our existence.

Favors, that can only be paid with gratitude,

because they are priceless.

Gratitude is a virtue of recognition.

debts” that one acquires

that would have to be “reimbursed”.


It is most unfortunate that in this state,

of favors received occasionally,

one looses the chance to reciprocate.

Because, human beings, over time, disappear;

And gratitude remains only in one’s memory

as a moral and personal quality.

Gratitude is a virtue of such magnitude,

that sentences to describe it

will always fall short.


We should not search for fault in people

that circumstantially crossed our paths

and impinged damage upon us,

because they eventually will suffer bitterness

for their flawed existence and wrong behavior.

Some may become prominent,

and would wish for one’s disappearance,

from the environment in which they operate

in order to erase bad memories,

because one was a witness of their past anonymousness.

It’s funny how on such extraordinary behavioral subject

we focus so briefly.


Human development

is a constant adaptation

based on experience and knowledge

for the conservation of a pleasant life existence

and a harmonious relationship with our neighbors.


 jefeTranslation by Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja (Jr).