V Chronic Hypoxia Symposium news

Dear colleagues and hypoxia friends:

We will be hosting the V Chronic Hypoxia Symposium in Bolivia this October 6-11, 2014. Several outstanding scientists from around the globe will join us to discuss tolerance to hypoxia, and other aspects of hypoxia.  Among them we have Jan Marino Ramirez, Robert Naejle, Frantisek Kolar, S.V Srikrishna, Wolfgang Jelkmann, Thuppil Venkatesh, Praveen Sharma, Jain Neera, and several other outstanding scientists.   The setting is an itinerant symposium where we will carry out the conferences at different altitudes. If interested, please let us know. Our philosophy is that everyone can participate openly. Some months prior to the meeting we will post some questions regarding our themes  at ResearchGate.net  in order to carry out and develop a virtual discussion that will end at the meeting itself. All participants will be invited to post questions here (if they wish), prior to their presentation here in La Paz. This will certainly focus all of us on our subjects of interest in a dynamic way.


so, come join us!