Send your titles Chronic Hypoxia Symposium

Dear distinguished colleagues:

We are now elaborating the preliminary program for the II Symposium on the effect of Chronic Hypoxia on Diseases at High Altitude. Some of you are in our lists of scientists that have expressed their interest in participating. If you have not, our apologies.

Please send us the titles of your talks. Remember that the themes are:

Adaptation and acclimatization to high altitude

Adaptation of highlanders to sea level

Soccer and other sports at high altitude

Diving at high altitude

Chronic Mountain Sickness

Adaptation to extreme hypoxia

The carotid body at high altitude

High altitude ophthalmology

Aviation hypoxia

High Altitude Anthropology

Other high altitude diseases

However some of you have expressed their interest in presenting other hypoxia related subjects. You are most welcome!

We will have oral and poster presentations, so please specify which you prefer. If you are ready to send your abstract, please do so at:

Your photograph (“head shot”) will be greatly appreciated. But of course, you are free to send any picture you prefer.

This symposium is open and unrestricted. You are free to express your ideas and to discuss them. Our principles of Science, Honor and Truth stand as originally expressed in our philosophy of science. It will be a pleasure to share this environment with you in an outstanding natural setting at high altitude. Each one of you is respected for your points of view. We want to listen to what you have to say.

All the best,

The organizers